Bespoke Ceramic Products

We can print your bespoke design onto any glazed ceramic surface, we use of ceramic transfer printing process to reproduce your design onto the ceramic objects of your choice.   We specialise in short run ceramic items whether you are looking for a single one - off or low volumes of multiple individually made items to be used for brand promotion, gifts, awards or even as props for TV shows, we have done it.  You supply the design and we can print as a transfer and apply to any glazed ceramic object.

All of our bespoke products are functional which can be used in domestic or commercial environments, once we have applied the transfers using our ceramic print process all of the items are high fired to over 800 degrees C, this fuses the ceramic colours to the glazed object and once cooled the design becomes a part of the object protected by the glaze on the ceramic item, this makes the design extremely durable and hard wearing, we can produce individual unique designs quickly and costs effectively.

Whatever your purpose if you have a requirement for bespoke printing onto ceramic items then we can help you to create your unique piece for any application.  We have successfully produced many items for use in a wide variety of applications and we are able to quickly react to customers specific requests and help you meet even the needs of the most demanding customers, for further information or to obtain a quotation please contact us with your requirements.