Digital Print Service

We can print your images as digital ceramic transfers, our standard print area is A3, all we need from you are your images sized to suit the ceramic object on a A3 print layout as the technical dimensions shown below or if you are unable to do the layout we can help you with this but we need specific instructions about the size of each image.  Its better if you can do the layouts yourself to avoid any extra costs but we are here to help and if you need it we can assist you with your queries over the telephone.

The print process uses four colour ceramic process colours (CMYK) Cyan Magenta Yellow & Black, this allows us to produce 256 half tones of colour and you can mix black only with full colour images on each sheet transfers so you are not restricted by having a single sheet of the same image.  You should be aware that ceramic colours are not the same as colours you will get from your desktop printer, the ceramic colour that is used is highly specialised and is only produced in low volumes by a select few worldwide manufacturers.  Its also important to note at this stage that the ceramic object you are applying the transfer onto will also have an affect on final colour and finish quality.  Some ceramic bodies are better than others, as some glazes are better than others so its not possible to predict with any amount of absolute certainly what the finish may be like.  Colour and finish is subjective, however we do not just print images without any thought as to what the final outcome will be and if we have any concerns with your artwork we will always call you to discuss these concerns and offer any practical advice before you spend any money.

Technical Information

Standard A3 Sheet 29.7 x 42 cm, actual print area is 28 x 40 cm when producing your own layouts use this dimension as we cannot print edge to edge, any artwork that is full size A3 would have to be reduced to 96%, if your artwork is size specific please ensure that you work within the 28 x 40 cm layout.

Formats Accepted: Any generic .jpg or .psd files, .pdf, .ai (Adobe CC), .eps, if producing artwork with fonts in Illustrator please ensure that you outline all fonts.

We cannot accept Word Documents or Corel Draw, or Microsoft Publisher, however these platforms will allow you to save in a format that we can use, if you are unsure - contact us to discuss which format would give you the best quality.


Our minimum order is just a single A3 sheet, which can have one image or lots of images depending on the size of your images.

1 off A3 Sheet (28 x 40 cm Print Area)

Price: £20.00 Delivered Via First Class Post

Additional A3 Sheets (28 x 40 cm Print Area) - Each A3 Sheet can be supplied with different artwork/images.

Price: £11.00 Each

Each sheet can be completely different, you only pay £20.00 for the first sheet of your order, all items are despatched using Royal Mail first class post, we can offer First Class Recorded and Special Delivery options at an extra cost.  We can supply transfers to any Worldwide destination just contact us for a quote via telephone or email:


We aim to despatch all transfer orders within 3 days from receipt of your artwork, if you have a specific deadline please contact us prior to order placement to ensure that we are able to meet your requirements.


Once you have your artwork ready you can supply this to us in a number ways, you can send your images as attachments to an email - be careful when sending via email some free email programs will only send image files upto 3 MB and some email providers will compress your files, this can result in us not receiving your emailed attachments or receiving lower quality files.  We acknowledge receipt of all artwork if you do not get a acknowledgement within 24 hours I would recommend that you send us a text based email or give us a call to ensure that your artwork has been received.

Alternatively you can send to us via a uploading service, which sends us a link to your artwork so we can download directly from your web server.

Our own upload service is at the top of the page use the  Artwork Upload button - this will open a new window in your browser.

If your artwork is not in a digital format and requires scanning please contact us to discuss your requirements so we can offer the best advice to assist you.

Hightail Upload

We have our own dedicated uploading facility should you wish to use it, the web address is as follows (just click on the link on button above): this should open a new window in your web browser all you need to do is select your files and click send this service will automatically upload your images onto our studio computer, for identification purposes please ensure that you fill in your email address and put your postal address in the comments section, no orders can be processed with your contact information.

How to Order

Once you have your images and have transmitted these images to us in a digital format, we will acknowledge receipt and confirm the total cost.  Its important that we receive your contact information, postal address and a suitable telephone number we cannot process orders without this information, this information is only used by us to process your order no information that you supply is shared with any third party.

How to Pay

We do not take online payments we prefer to contact you on the day of your order or on the day of despatch and we take payment over the telephone with a valid credit or debit card, your information is used only once for the transaction and is not stored either electronically or in paper form.

Instructions for Use

We supply written instructions on how to handle and use the ceramic transfers, the firing temperatures are guidelines only and if you experience any problems using our transfers contact us to discuss ways in which we can help, this instruction sheet is also available electronically on this website.

Terms & Conditions

Please see the separate page on terms and conditions for a full explanation of the conditions of sale, if you are using ceramic transfers for the first time its important that you understand the limitations as well as the benefits, if you have any specific questions please contact us.

We are very approachable and would prefer to spend 5 minutes on the phone discussing what you would like to achieve rather than sell you a sheet of transfers that doesn't meet your needs, we don't like unhappy customers.