Tile Murals

One of the areas that our transfers can used very effectively is on ceramic tiles, our process allows us to create stunning tile murals for multiple applications and because its a ceramic process the murals are extremely durable and can be used in applications where hygiene and functionality are vital as part of the installation.  We work with artists on public art commissions or commercial businesses such as shopfitters who want to produce something unique for their clients.  The murals can be used for internal and external applications and again once the transfers are fired the design is permanent.

Tile Selection

The process will work on any glazed tile - standard sizes work best as we have a maximum print area of 28 x 40 cm, so 10 x 10 cm, 15 x 15 cm, 20 x 20 cm or 20 x 25 cm which are all standard tile sizes and readily available.  When considering tile selection its better if the tiles are smooth to the touch they can have a 'bumpy' finish and curved edge but if the tile is rough similar to a floor tile they may not be suitable for transfer application.  We can help with tile selection as its important to us a good quality tile otherwise the final finish may not be what you or your client wants and because each tile is different we need to get it right first time.


One of the most difficult projects we have had recently was to try and save a tile mural that had been on the wall of a school, the school was due to be demolished and rebuilt with a modern building to suit the needs of the local community, the local church wanted to save the mural and asked if we could help. 

Unfortunately there was no way we could remove the tiles without breaking them as they had been there since the early 70's when the school was originally build, so we decided to try and photograph each of the tiles and reproduce the mural so it could be re-installed in the local church, this was a painstaking process, but we took pictures of each tile prior to the school being demolished and reproduced each image as a transfer and then re-fired the images onto new tiles and mounted the tiles to a plywood base so the mural could be hung in the local church.

A lot of our tile work comes from commercial businesses that are looking to offer their clients something unique and functional as an alternative to traditional signage, tiles are ideally suited to many applications and the fact that we can print individual images onto individual tiles creates an opportunity for the client to add to the personalisation of the installation.

Our projects are as small as individual tiles as accent pieces in a kitchen to large coverage commercial installations no job is too small contact us with your requirements.